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Our Vision

Our Mission

To bring communities together to create beautifully designed, exclusive products that fund social impact projects. With every purchase, you make an impact.

From Our Founder

Suzanne McKenzie

We are all Able Made.
We all have the ability to feel passionately.
To care about things that matter.
To inspire and be inspired.
To make a positive impact.

Able Made began when designers I admired came together, collaborating with me to develop products for funding the foundation I started to honor my husband that left us unexpectedly and far too soon. Surrounded and inspired by their incredible talent and compassion, they carried me through the loss of my best friend. Their support made me able to see beauty, positivity, and light where there was once only darkness.

While Able Made starts with my story, today it extends far beyond. Fueled by personal passion, we are the retail platform where creative innovators and designers join forces, supporting causes that are closest to their hearts through beautifully designed products and collaborations. Whether we’re partnering with a national brand, an emerging designer, or artisans around the world, the impact of each Able Made exclusive product is as beautiful and powerful as its design.

Together, we can do so much more than we can do alone. Welcome to the Able Made community.

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