The Able Effect

Some things you can’t quantify. A smile on a child’s face, for instance. Yet there are still plenty of tangible and measurable opportunities to make an impact on the world. We hope you join us.


The Warrior Scarf

DESIRED IMPACT:A scarf that empowers youth from Trinidad and Tobago through the arts via the TallMan Foundation. By giving these young people a chance to learn who they are and realize their creative potential, they can stand tall, reach further, and see beyond.

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Able Made x The Brave Collection

Kiri Klahan Bracelet

DESIRED IMPACT: This bracelet makes a caring statement. Its first edition will empower many brave women – providing employment for Cambodian fair trade artisans, as well as life and business skills training for trafficking survivors through the Somaly Mam Foundation.

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Able Made x Shashi

Natasha CFDA Necklace

DESIRED IMPACT: The first edition of this exclusive necklace will provide business opportunities and community support for emerging talent through the the CFDA Fashion Incubator mentoring program.

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Able Made x Public School

The Lobo Tote

DESIRED IMPACT: When we sell out of first edition totes we will be able to provide one year of education for 120 children in Ghana through Pencils of Promise. That’s a lot of futures to brighten.

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